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Geology and Mineralization

The Clear Creek Project is an intrusion-related gold system within the Selwyn Basin. The project covers the headwaters and upper drainage of Left Clear Creek, which has historical recorded production of 129,000 oz of gold Au since 1949.

The gold mineralization is interpreted to be associated with the Cretaceous Tombstone Suite plutons in several distinct zones, separated over kilometers. Gold mineralization occurs in broadly disseminated zones, skarns, sheeted veins and breccias

Mineralization is hosted within and adjacent to Tombstone age (~92 Ma) diorite, granodiorite and quartz monzonite stocks and comprises sheeted quartz veins within the stocks and metamorphosed Hyland Group rocks, silicified shear zones and breccias. Mineralization appears to coincide with the Tombstone High Strain Zone (THSZ), which cross cuts the Clear Creek property. The THSZ is considered to have a significant influence on mineralization at Victoria’s flagship development project, Eagle Gold (formerly Dublin Gulch).

Gold mineralization is generally associated with arsenopyrite in quartz veins and correlates with bismuth.

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