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Spinach is located along the same lithological contact as the Olive-Shamrock zone and was deemed a high-priority target to identify a mineralized shear zone related to the Olive-Shamrock Shear Zone located approximately 500 metres to the south. As part of the exploration drilling program at Spinach a series access trails and surface trenches were establish to assist in mapping the geological contacts in the Zone. The 2017 diamond drilling totaled 6,265 metres from twenty-two drillholes that targeted an area north of the Olive-Shamrock zone along the northern margin of Dublin Gulch Intrusive Stock. The area had seen no previous drilling but had been the subject of a detailed soils geochemical program conducted in early 2017 that had identified a co-incident gold/arsenic-in-soils geochemical anomaly in the area of the intrusive metasedimentary contact.

An increase in silver content associated with the gold mineralization at Spinach was noted and is interpreted to represent a secondary mineralization event with respect to the Olive-Shamrock deposit, a fact that highlights the mineral potential of this new area.

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