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The Wolf-Tungsten Zone consists of skarn-hosted scheelite mineralization within a roof pendant of calcareous metasediments positioned in the south east corner of the Dublin Gulch granodiorite stock. The metasediments are altered to calc-silicate exoskarn and the intrusive sills contain local zones of endoskarn. Exploration drilling to date has delineated a zone of tungsten mineralization along 800 metre of strike length and 300 metre down dip. The deposit remains unconfined in nearly all directions.

The Wolf-Tungsten Zone has excellent opportunities for significant resource expansion. In the northern part, the mineralization remains unconfined both along strike and down dip. In the central portion, the deposit remains untested down dip from the current drilling. In this area, there are many sections that also remain unconfined down dip. In the southern part, the mineralization remains unconfined mainly down dip.

The Wolf-Tungsten Zone is a component of the much larger Dublin Gulch hydrothermal system. The Eagle Gold Zone is located 2.5 kilometers along strike from the Wolf-Tungsten Zone. The continuity from earlier tungsten-bearing calc-silicate skarns to later-formed gold veins within similar structural regimes provides excellent opportunities to explore for extensions of both tungsten and gold mineralization in the metasediments and within the intrusion.

Wolf-Tungsten (Mar-Tungsten) Zone


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