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Responsible Mining

Community Involvement

Potato Hill News

Victoria Gold regularly publishes and distributes the Potato Hills Press newsletter to community members to provide updates on the company’s activities in Yukon.

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Yukon Advertorials

Victoria Gold publishes weekly full page company updates in in the local Yukon News and Whitehorse Star newspapers to inform the community members of the Company’s activities. In addition, Victoria Gold provides community messages daily on the local CKRW radio station.

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Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society

Victoria Gold believes attendance is the first step to helping students exceed in school as those students who regularly attend classes have a greater probability of completing their secondary education. To encourage students throughout the Yukon to improve their attendance at school, Victoria Gold, in partnership with Yukon Education, established the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society in 2012 which is registered under the Yukon Society Act and is a Registered Charity under the Canada Income Tax Act.

Since 2012, the Society has raised over $1.85 million for the "Every Student, Every Day" fund which supports students throughout the Yukon.

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