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Victoria Gold Yukon Business Registry

Victoria Gold is committed to procuring goods and services from registered First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun (FNNND) and Yukon based companies whenever possible. To help identify Yukon businesses we have developed, in conjunction to the FNNND Business Registry, a Victoria Gold Yukon Business Registry.

Both registries will be used by Victoria as part of our contract tendering and procurement procedures for our exploration programs as well as contracts for the operation for the Eagle Gold Mine. If your company falls under the definition of a Yukon company as defined in the Victoria Gold Yukon Business Registry form please forward your completed form to our Whitehorse office c/o YukonBusiness@vgcx.com.

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Please note:
Copies of documentation may be required to confirm that your business is registered in the Yukon or is an NND Business. Failure to provide this documentation may prevent your business from being included in the registries. We will keep your documentation confidential and will use it for verification purposes only.

The Victoria Gold Yukon and NND Business Registries, and the NND Human Resources Registry will be used by Victoria Gold Corp. and our project management consultants for information purposes only. With regard to individuals listed in the NND Human Resources Registry and businesses listed in the Yukon and the NND Business Registries, Victoria Gold Corp. retains the right to make independent decisions in a businesslike manner and in its sole discretion, relating to direct negotiation of contracts, the terms, and conditions in invitations to tender that potential bidders must satisfy (including the qualifications of contractors and suppliers), choice of contractors and suppliers from whom invitation for bids will be sought, selection of successful bids , the terms contained in any contract awarded or negotiated, and the hiring and recruitment of employees.

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