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Responsible Mining

"Victoria Gold is committed to the success of all company activities, including the Eagle Gold Mine, to ensure a positive impact on the health, social conditions, employment, and training of local populations where we operate."

John McConnell, President & CEO

Our Approach to Sustainability

Responsible development, operations and closure are paramount for Victoria Gold. By cultivating strong relationships with local First Nations, communities, local business partners and our workforce we are committed to operating in a safe, environmentally, and socially responsible manner to generate shareholder and community wealth.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Community Involvement

Victoria Gold is extremely proud of its involvement in the community and is committed to the development and implementation of important programs that are helping to positively shape the lives and livelihoods of community citizens and all Yukoners.


First Nations Benefits Agreement

Signed 2011

Yukon Business Opportunities

+$300 Million invested in contracts with Yukon companies.

Every Student, Every Day

Over 1.85 Million raised since 2022 Every Student, Every Day

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First Nations Involvement

The Comprehensive Cooperation Benefits Agreement (CBA) with the First Nation of the Na-Cho Nyak Dun, (FNNND) demonstrates this and includes the Victoria Gold and FNNND Scholarship Program, and the Cultural Awareness Program.

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Community Involvement

The Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society’s Every Student, Every Day fund was established to help improve student attendance in Yukon schools. Since 2012, the Society has raised over $1.85 Million to date to support students throughout the Yukon.

In addition, Victoria Gold proudly sponsors and participates in many community events and initiatives.

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Business Opportunities

The Eagle Gold Mine is a strong contributor to the Yukon and its citizens for many years to come and has over $300 million in contracts with Yukon companies.

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Health & Safety

Victoria Gold is committed to the health and safety of its employees and visitors in our work places. Protection from injury and providing an environment conductive to the maintenance of good health are primary objectives of our business. All our employees are expected to commit to these objectives and strive to eliminate all injuries in our workplaces.


Safety 24/7

Prioritizing work safety


TRIF: Total Recordable Injury Frequency

ERT Team

Emergency Response Team with men and women members


We respect our employees, the environment, and the communities in which we operate. Victoria Gold acknowledges that its activities can impact the environment, thus it is our intention to act responsibly by demonstrating stewardship to the environment. We believe that environmental stewardship is not just a matter of “doing the right thing” but that there is also a business case for doing so and that it will create value for our shareholders.

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Environment Policy



Environmental Stewardship a Top Priority

Independent Environmental Monitors

From partner First Nation

Environmental Review

Rigorous reviews and permitting process completed collaboratively with regulators, First Nations and community.

Eagle Gold Mine Extension Project Community Consultation

We welcome your feedback and comments regarding the Project

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Yukoners at Work

Victoria Gold is committed to developing a diverse workforce by hiring and training locally to provide good-paying jobs for the people of the Yukon. The Company will aim to hire the most qualified people for the positions available, keeping in mind its commitment to the local people.


Largest Yukon Private Sector Employer

Developing a Diverse Workforce of 350-400

Prioritizing Yukoners, Women and First Nations.

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