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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We respect our employees, the environment, and the communities in which we operate.

The Victoria Group of Companies (Victoria Group) acknowledges that its activities can impact the environment, thus it is our intention to act responsibly by demonstrating stewardship to the environment. The Victoria Group believes that environmental stewardship is not just a matter of “doing the right thing” but that there is also a business case for doing so and that it will create value for our shareholders. Victoria Group commits to the following principles to ensure environmental stewardship:

  • comply with applicable legal requirements;
  • work to reduce or avoid potential environmental impacts through effective management, the wise use of resources, pollution prevention and other appropriate mitigative measures;
  • establish and review environmental objectives and targets;
  • seek continual improvement in our environmental performance through regular review and improvement of our operational procedures;
  • ensure that employees and contractors are aware of this policy, understand it, are aware of their roles and responsibilities, and have the appropriate training to do their work; and
  • make this policy available to the public through our website.

Victoria Group is committed to exploring for, building, operating and closing mines in an environmental, socially and financially responsible manner.

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