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First Nations Considerations

The project is located entirely within the Traditional Territory of the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun (FNNND). The statutory requirement to consult on the project and to satisfy previous, and any future, assessments of the project under the YESAA involves the FNNND. To ensure that the FNNND, and the community of Mayo, have an opportunity for input at all key stages of project development, Victoria Gold has made it a priority to conduct early and ongoing consultation with the FNNND, and the community of Mayo, to ensure opportunities for input from both parties at all key stages of project development.

On October 17, 2011, Victoria Gold and the FNNND signed a comprehensive Cooperation and Benefits Agreement (CBA). The CBA replaced an earlier Exploration Cooperation Agreement and applies to the Eagle Gold mine development and exploration activities conducted by Victoria Gold anywhere in the FNNND Traditional Territory south of the Wernecke Mountains.

The objectives of the CBA are to:

  • Promote effective and efficient communication between Victoria Gold and the FNNND in order to foster the development of a cooperative and respectful relationship and FNNND support of Victoria Gold’s exploration activities on the project;
  • Provide business and employment opportunities, related to the project, to the FNNND and its citizens and businesses in order to promote their economic self-reliance;
  • Establish a role for the FNNND in the environmental monitoring of the project and the promotion of environmental stewardship;
  • Set out financial provisions to enable the FNNND to participate in the opportunities and benefits related to the project; and
  • Establish a forum for Victoria Gold and the FNNND to discuss matters related to the project and resolve issues related to the implementation of the CBA.

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